Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Should You use Annuities in Retirement?

Annuities are back in the news.  And the insurance industry is jumping for joy.  Should you?

The Obama Middle Class Task Force is looking to annuities as a way to make retirement just a little more secure.  While they have come up with numerous incentives, they should also consider a fixed lifetime tax on all retirement income up to a certain amount.  They have discussed this for the first $10,000 of annuity income but they could also extend this incentive to IRAs as well.  If the retiree (or future retiree) could determine how much of a bite taxes would take, they could better estimate how much they will actually get when they retire.  Currently, the assumption is that retirees will earn less and therefore be taxed at a lower rate.  Guaranteeing that rate will enable folks to project better. 

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