Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The High Cost of Good Health in Retirement

The High Cost of Good Health in Retirement
The oddest item of all, being healthy in retirement, while less painful and more convenient than the being unhealthy, is more costly in the long run. This may have been something you have already considered had you run the numbers the way Boston College did in a recent report for the Center for Retirement Research. You may have said that health care is going to cost something and if you were typical, you went with the averages of about $220,000 per couple over the remaining years in retirement.
But good health could point to longevity. And longevity means additional years of costs and the real probability that during those added years, you will get something you hadn’t bargained on getting.
Now the knee jerk reaction would be to ask yourself: “why bother?” And this would be reasonable. If you can’t come close to estimating this cost (it is tough enough trying to figure out tax liabilities, inflation’s impact and the future of the investments you hold in your retirement accounts), what should you do?
Can You Invest Enough to Cover those Costs
You could try to add to your investments and hope that you have added enough. The problem with trying to offset insurance costs is you may never know whether you need it. But if you don’t have it, the costs can be very difficult to absorb and doubly so if you are in the fixed income world of retirement.
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